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"We've organized a cozy house concert and Remi made it absolutely incredible. Remi's performance was truly mesmerizing: he took all of us on a beautiful journey, made us forget all of the troubles and worries even if just for a couple of hours. He is a talented musician and storyteller with his own authentic style."

Ekaterina Kalugina (Dossenheim, Germany)

Hello, friends.


In 2016, after years performing on the street and on stage, I was looking for more connection and wanted to explore the world.  So, I decided to try a different path.


Since then, I’ve been traveling through many countries, sharing travel stories and songs in a show written especially to be performed in the living rooms of houses, apartments, and community spaces.


It is a special experience to share music without the distance a stage creates. Like this, we can live the stories together.


Hope to see you soon!


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