we are building
an economy
of love

We live by donation instead of transaction because we want to cultivate INTEGRITY. We want our actions to reflect our beliefs:


• We believe, with all of our hearts, in the value of what we're offering.

• We believe that if we give what we can unconditionally, others will do the same.

• We believe in the principle of abundance: the more we give, the more we receive.

• We believe that generosity, collaboration, compassion and support are stronger than competition, greed, and the fear of scarcity.

• We believe that human connection, love, empathy and mutual understanding are more fundamental to our individual and collective health than material possessions.

• We want to feed love, not fear.

Ultimately, it's simple: we TRUST.
We trust ourselves. We trust you.
We trust humanity. We trust the universe.
...and we want to inspire others to do the same.

When you support our project, you allow us to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum of financial resources.

When you donate, you not only tell us our work has value. You also gift the possibility of this experience to others who come after you.